“My daughter and I had the opportunity to meet Loretta Wilger, president and owner of Looks Cosmetics/Modeling School, last summer. Loretta met with my 13 year old daughter, Lauren, and I and gave us an overview of what modeling would look like for a young teenager. I was so impressed with Loretta from the moment I met her. My daughter was completely comfortable during our initial meeting as Loretta has the wonderful ability to make you feel completely at ease. She is so honest and realistic about expectations and at the same time warm, kind and fun…..just an easy person to be around! Lauren took a runway class and a makeup application class (so helpful for a young teen) and was thrilled with her time spent with Loretta. I would absolutely recommend LOOKS to anyone interested in makeup application classes OR if you have a daughter or son that may be interested in modeling…..Loretta is an amazing resource, super knowledgeable and connected to the modeling industry and so helpful in guiding you through the process!!”

- Susan Spillane

“I have worked with hundreds of coaches, from sports to business, acting and modeling. I have never worked with anyone like Loretta Wilger at LOOKS Pro Model Scouts. Loretta offers a complete professional package for an On Camera Model to become a powerful presence that will be clearly recognized by any photographer and casting agent. The attention to every detail (hair, makeup, wardrobe, poses, expressions) are all part of an amazing on camera experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced Model, LOOKS Pro Model Scouts will definitely turn up your game.”

- Buzz Leer Professional Actor, Model Chicago, IL